Businesses need to be proactive in updating their compliance measures to meet the ever-evolving set of privacy laws and regulatory expectations in 2024 and beyond.

By Michael H. Rubin, Robert W. Brown, Max G. Mazzelli, Jennifer Howes, and Sarah Zahedi

Following the notable uptick in state-level privacy laws in 2023, a wave of new comprehensive state privacy laws and state laws seeking to regulate health privacy, youth privacy, online platforms, and data brokers are set to take effect this year. While a draft federal comprehensive privacy law — the American Privacy Rights Act — aimed at harmonizing this patchwork of state laws was introduced last month, until such a law actually passes, the quickly evolving state regulatory landscape will continue to set the standards for how most businesses must handle personal information in the US.

The state privacy laws taking effect this year introduce a variety of new obligations for businesses, especially those that process common forms of so-called “sensitive” personal information.

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