By Gail Crawford and Mark Sun 

With the assistance of colleagues across the EU, Latham & Watkins has updated its GDPR National Implementation Tracker.

With just over three months to go until the GDPR go-live date on 25 May 2018, two EU member states (Belgium, Slovakia) have joined Austria and Germany in successfully implementing the GDPR in their national laws.

Since our last update in October 2017:

  • Six additional member states have published draft implementing legislation for a total of 16 member states with legislation in progress.
  • Eight member states, however, still have yet to publish any draft.

As the various member state legislation take shape, we will provide further updates on the implementation process. We will also compile an analysis of key areas of derogation from the GDPR for each member state in relation to bases for processing special personal data, exemptions to data subject rights or notice requirements, additional sanctions for breach, and others. Get updates on this and other key data privacy insights by subscribing to our e-mail in the sidebar.