iStock_Lock.jpgThe Ponemon Institute is out with a new Intel-sponsored study concluding, among other things, that lost laptops cost U.S. organizations in excess of $2 billion a year. Yet, two-thirds of companies surveyed still do not take basic security precautions to protect laptops. A look at prior Ponemon work cited in the report suggests failing to do so likely costs more—almost $50,000 for each lost laptop. Whether you are defending an existing mobile security program or seeking budget support to implement one, the Ponemon work should provide useful support. Add to that what looks to be an environment ripe for action on privacy in the U.S. congress and, if you operate in the EU, an apparent increasing propensity to level large fines for non-compliance together with increasing consumer frustration with lackluster security, and you have some powerful bottom-line arguments for investing in data protection.